The Lockdown

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and it all circles down to this lockdown. Not because I am in one place. But because this is the one place I want to be in. It is almost magic to see how comfortable I can be with just very few things and even fewer people around me. The necessary seems redundant and absurd now. All that seemed impossible to do without is now not even a passing thought. I feel oddly complete and in peace in this unforeseen times as I realize how little I was when I thought I lived big. I never took anything for granted even yesterday. But I am more sober today.

The inner circle that mattered, shows distinct cracks in it. I take it was flawed from the start to dust our shoulders off thoughts. The dust has now settled. Everyday is a weekend. Everyone is a sage and safe.

People matter. People do matter. But I don’t need to see them or meet them often to feel their warmth or show mine. As the positive count increases everyday, the personal is on the decline. And it is ok, like a lot of everything else. Those that matter are with me or in me. And everything that I am and becoming is because of these few good men.

Things. Places. People. Meanings have changed for ever.

I exist more. I need less. I love more. I thank more. I believe more. I worry less. I live more.

It’s a circle that got broken, and I am grateful for it.

~Doubtless Dreams

September 04, 2020 — Admin