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Smooth delivery to your door, trackable and insured. You will be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to get art to your door.

Original Quality Artwork

Random Nest has the best original quality art work for you. Every piece is unique and can transform your space with one of a kind original artwork. Your art comes with official certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist with every purchase. 

Commission Artwork

Every space is unique and it should have it’s own character. Being an Interior Designer by profession, I understand spaces and can curate a signature piece for your space. Let me create what will only fit in your beautiful space. Let’s talk!

Customized Service

If you have questions, I am simply a chat away. Please ping! 

Return to Innocence

I am not bound to anything or anybody. I am the spirit that everybody embodies within themselves. I am here today for a reason. Tomorrow I will be just a story!

In my Element...

I love the paradox that life creates on every turn we take. It is significant and overwhelming to realize our dreams changing and growing while we bask in the present. We all in some way, silently keep living with the parallel culture and sub culture that ignites our mind and our soul.

A Word From Our Happy Collectors

As an Interior Designer, I often assist clients with purchasing various pieces of art for their projects but have never acquired a piece for myself. In my experience buying art has been intimidating, expensive, and frequently misrepresented online. Dealing with The Unwalled <Astha> studio was not any of these things. My experience with The Unwalled Studio was surprisingly enjoyable. I purchased an ink/watercolor piece that I connected with. This piece brought back memories of my family visiting from South Africa and marveling at this old tree. “The Gnarled Tree in La Jolla” arrived crisp, beautifully framed and is all mine! Thank you Astha.

-Ankea Elia

I was lucky enough that Astha chose to share her artwork with me. I bought her first piece in a charity auction and absolutely fell in love with the details, beauty and intricacy of her art. I love her minimalist yet powerful form of art expression. I went on to buy a few more pieces for my office at work and received many compliments and enquiries about her pieces. I even bought a few fashion accessories inspired by her art as gifts for my friends. I hope to have the opportunity to continue to enjoy and cherish her contributions to art. 

~Preethi Kasthuri 

Astha is a creative original. Her work reflects her inner musings of the world, it’s meaning and beauty. I buy and want her work for it’s grace.

-Nancy Plank